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Quality People. Quality Garage Doors. Located in Northwest Ohio, Haas Door hires quality people driven to produce quality garage doors. Created with locally sourced materials to create products to use in homes and businesses throughout North America and the world. 

660 AmericanWalnut IMG_6139_89RHMz3RxO8i

Insulated Steel 600 Series

The 600 Series combines the look of deep embossed wood grain with the strength and durability of heavy gauge galvanized steel to provide years of virtually maintenance free use. No worries about warping, cracking or rotting. Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, the Insulated Steel 600 Series is ideal for all climates. It's the easy way to add beauty and value to your home.

764 TrinarBeige IMG_5915_Tefp4TYPQICAYk7

Insulated Steel 700 Series

Made with heavy gauge galvanized steel and deeply embossed with a beautiful wood grain, the Insulated Steel 700 Series doors are engineered for maximum energy efficiency and years of low-maintenance performance. Bring beauty and value to your home with an Insulated Steel 700 Series garage door.

2080 Bronze IMG_6657-1920x1285.jpg

Insulated Steel 2000 Series

Not just beautiful, but these doors are among the most energy efficient doors on the market. Crafted of heavy gauge galvanized steel, these doors are 2" thick. Yet they feature an embossed woodgrain look and are filled with dense polyurethane foam insulation. Imagine what the design and craftsmanship of these doors can add to the beauty of your home.


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