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Garaga is one of the leading manufacturers of garage doors and overhead doors in Canada. A family-owned business, it designs and manufactures superior garage doors and the related hardware systems for the residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial markets. Garaga's products are sold throughout Canada, the northeastern and Great Lakes regions of the U.S., Central and South America.


Contemporary Garage Doors

The architectural style of your home is important to you, and if you have chosen a modern or contemporary style for it, your garage door, often representing nearly 40% of the facade, should blend perfectly and harmoniously with it.

Whatever your budget, Garaga provides garage doors in multiple configurations and colours so you can find the one that suits you best.


Carriage Style Garage Doors

Are you the owner of a charming country style house and looking for a garage door that suits it perfectly? Whether you desire a garage door that looks like a barn door, replicates a stylish carriage house or resembles a more rustic wood version, there are numerous combinations available to give your garage door the exact character you are seeking.


Traditional Style

Don’t be mistaken by thinking traditional means old. On the contrary, traditional style attractively combines architectural elements that have evolved from popular trends. Classic traditional models include Craftsman bungalows, 2‑story cottages and ranch style, which have each adopted diverse architectural elements. What they do have in common is time‑honored harmony that creates a warm and comfortable haven for each homeowner.


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